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Welcome to iRestore!

iRestore was created to help people from all walks of life, take control of their personal finances and to realize their own financial goals and dreams. We are doing this everyday by helping our clients and Associates in four key areas: first, our proprietary credit improvement system, the CES101, secondly, through our broad based educational systems to promote financial literacy, thirdly, with our proprietary online money management system, the iFS, and fourth our financial reward system intended to increase our Associates month over month income! In America today, people are still feeling the pain of the financial fallout, which began in 2008 with the sub prime-lending debacle, taking the world to the brink of financial ruin. People are looking for guidance and help to get control of their credit and overall personal financial future and here at iRestore we are passionate about doing just that. Our program is simple, yet comprehensive, focused on helping the millions of Americans that are looking for answers and results so that they can build a solid credit profile and prepare for a financially secure future! Thank you for visiting iRestore, we hope that we have a chance to work with you and for you today!

Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers, CEO, iRestore

Have Bad Credit?

We can help. Although you can do it yourself, the process of credit clean up can require a lot of time and knowledge of federal consumer laws. Most people struggle because of a lack of understanding of credit components and factors. We are here to help with that education. We help our clients build/establish new lines of credit as well as educate our clients on credit, exactly how it works and how it is calculated. Stop living with bad credit and get started today!

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