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Paul RogersPaul Rogers has been involved in the Network Marketing industry since 1993, when he became an independent distributor with Excel Communication and then Journey Telecom. After achieving full time income in the industry and a wealth of knowledge, he moved to the executive side and launched a new company with a few friends called NuEworld.com in 1997. NuEworld was one of the first e-commerce Internet based Network Marketing companies in the United States – featuring online ordering, an online virtual office, online commission reporting and online sign up process. As VP of Sales and Marketing, Paul helped launch an online bookstore, as well as a line of nutritional products. In 2002, Paul assisted in the successful merger of NuEworld and Lexxus International, a merger that gave the young company an immediate international presence. In his new role as Execuitive VP of Sales and Marketing, Paul worked with the dynamic Lexxus team to open up markets all around the world. In 2005, Paul was named President of Lexxus, which by then had changed its name to NHT Global. During this time, NHT had grown to $600,000,000.00 in sales with a sales force of over 500,000 independent distributors in over 30 global markets. NHT Global had also been accepted onto the NASDAQ with the share price growing from pennies to over $30 a share at its high. Paul retired from NHT in late 2007 to begin consulting in the industry, when he was introduced to a company called Lifemax. Paul became CEO of Lifemax, a company that grew and sold a raw whole food called Mila, which has the highest concentration of Omega -3s of any plant on earth. Paul worked with Lifemax until early 2011, having opened Israel, Southeast Asia, Canada and parts of Europe.

In 2011, Paul began working with CieAura, LLC as COO of the company. In late 2012, he assisted in the selective asset purchase of CieAura, LLC by Digital Media Group. As CEO of DMG and now CieAura, Paul over saw the successful launch of iRestore in early 2014. iRestore is now the sister company to CieAura under the DMG umbrella and offers the people of the United States a suite of proven tools to dramatically improve their personal financial future! Paul splits his time between Austin and Frisco, TX when he is not travelling around the world. He is blessed to have three amazing kids!

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